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Subpoena Server Services
New Jersey Process Services Provider                                                                                                                                                 
OFFICE: (201)578-7676
Fax: (877)204-2646

Subpoena Server Services

Your  New Jersey / New York
Most Reliable Process Services Provider

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We will Contact you by phone to confirm and go over your Process

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If you wish us to invoice you please note that in your
cover page among your instructions of the Defendant
to "Serve On", location and final date permitted!

To mail out a check please fax your copies and
contact us by phone so we may provide you with
mailing address!

If you need your copies served in a RUSH matter
you must contact us by phone at: (201)780-4145

Please Note: Rates on the Rates Page
apply to 3-5 business days!

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NEW JERSEY OFFICE: (201)780-4145